About Us

Our Mission

All Too Much is an opensource guide to coping with many different mental disorders. Origianlly it was developed with the intent to help college students with anxiety and depression. All Too Much was not designed to replace other methods of coping with mental disorders but instead be available to all as a support. As a guide for helping achieve a healthy mental state we always recomend pursuing therapy and medication if such actions are feasible. Knowing situations may not allow for such aids we strive to maintain a website that allows for people to healthliy cope with their disorders and communicate with others who may have new ideas.

What We Do

All Too Much works much like other forum based webistes and allows users to post and communicate with other users in a moderated environment.

All Too Much aims to deliver healthy methods of coping with different forms aof distress. While catering towards those clinicaly diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression, this information can be a useful tool for anyone who starts to feel like everything that is happening is all too much. Most of the information is advice and anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts or thoughts of self harm should always contact medical profesionals or a hotline. Information regarding such tools are always linked at the bottom of any page on this website.